Group Calendar

Stagehand has a calendar built in. If you place all the dates for the important events into the calendar, then you can take advantage of some really interesting features.

For example you can generate a quick PDF document that you can send around to the cast and crew that has all the events on the schedule. Or you can just send around the publicly accessible (but secret), link to your cast and crew: example and that way people can stay up to date by checking that link themselves.

It basically gives you a central place to keep all your important dates. From auditions, to meetings to rehearsals. Put the date on the Stagehand calendar and keep everyone up to date without miscommunication.

Furthermore, the calendar schedule has a last updated feature. This gives you a quick way of checking that everybody is looking at the same version of the schedule.

It's a 30 second process to sign-up and try it out - not to mention completely free. So give it a go and let me know what you think.

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