Actor Audition Signup

Once you've created a show with Stagehand you can enable the actor audition signup page, which offers you a no-effort way to collect your auditionees CVs, some basic information and their headshots. All in the one place: example audition sign-up page

This means that all anyone needs to register for an audition, is the url to the sign-up page. When you login to Stagehand you can see the list of actors who have signed up for an audition, as well as review their headshots and CVs.

If they are suitable to be auditioned, and you have entered some dates for auditions on the Stagehand calendar, then those actors are able to be allocated an audition time and everything is kept organized for you.

It's a 30 second process to sign-up and try it out - not to mention completely free. So give it a go and let me know what you think.

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